Imbonerakure, a source downward spiral for power CNDD-FDD
Friday, Aug 17, 2012 6:48 pm
Imbonerakure, a source downward spiral for power CNDD-FDD

Imbonerakure, a source downward spiral for power CNDD-FDD
(Source: Rainbow)
The August 17, 12

The youth league CNDD-FDD, Imbonerakure behaves today as a true militia of the ruling party. Often involved in banditry, terrorism and extrajudicial executions, Imbonerakure raise many concerns in the opinion of Burundi. This is what is known and visible these days, the young president's party gradually begin to overshadow the Burundi National Police and the National Defence Force in some provinces. Thus, these young Imbonerakure allow themselves to patrol the night, equipped firearms and sometimes behave as rebels conquered territory. When you are not their political movement, their way is best avoided! Faced with this deterioration of the socio-Burundi's already precarious security, the country's authorities and the CNDD-FDD seem to ignore. They simply declare to anyone who will listen, or rather to believe that each Imbonerakure is responsible for his actions and should not globalize.

In reality, the militia is in collusion with certain political authorities, police and military of the country. They are also supported at the highest peak of the state. Otherwise, what part of the FDN take the risk to align the front line to fight the famous "bandits" of Kibira? Any officer of the GNP may accept it in its sector to patrol the night, arms in hand, and make arrests without it there is no arrest in their ranks? Why prosecutors do not stop when they are accused of committing extrajudicial executions or torture or abuse to put their "prey"? By opting for this criminal complicity with Imbonerakure, FDN, PNB and the CNDD-FDD can not sign their slow but certain death. The recent history of the world in general and Africa in particular, confirms that the use of militias is a path used by dictatorial powers, often losing speed and without any possibility to exit out "the head of the water. " This solution has a suicidal efficiency ephemeral. Especially in a fragile country like Burundi.

Indeed, in a country where the Kalashnikov is the most affordable laptop and cost, after a civil war that lasted a decade of unspeakable atrocities, these elements of the Youth League of the CNDD-FDD can not considered as having a monopoly on violence. A force to protect them and ensure their impunity, the CNDD-FDD to encourage his political opponents to unearth "the hatchet". It would not surprise us if these young people who were "dead cities" and the old militia "without failure" and "undefeated" decided to resume service. Although this is not the best solution to save democracy in Burundi or to restore good governance.

Everywhere, "violence begets violence" and if this is the only language Imbonerakure include the ones who turn a deaf ear to all these calls that focus on their movement to come to their senses, they may get their cure. It could after the interventions of the Burundi military and police in the world, under the banner of the United Nations or the African Union, the number of forces are sometimes insufficient in some parts of the country. In addition, there are a plethora of some officers escort the FDN and PNB, certain administrative and certain executives of CNDD-FDD in their cars, their homes and their offices!

If this were the case, the government could seek the assistance of all reservists demobilized and other number in the tens of thousands in all provinces of the country. They are more experienced and would be better framed these young Imbonerakure often "doped" separatist political ideologies, when they are not guided by alcohol and ganja, the famous "Indian hemp."
With these two evils prevalent in our country need to write in the coming weeks if the situation continues in this same vein, the CNDD-FDD power, epitomized by President Pierre Nkurunziza, will soon be unable to effectively control these Imbonerakure . As in Rwanda and the Major General Juvenal Habyarimana and Côte d'Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo Professor, it will be the end of the regime and the total rout for its main henchmen.

Under this background, the International Criminal Court may welcome its first guests in Burundi. Remains whether it is the shortest path chosen by the authorities of that country to end their days in The Hague (Netherlands), where it seems, the cells are "luxury". At the European course!

Thierry Ndayishimiye