Congress UPRONA: Charles Nditige and Felix Mboneko the head of the party

Congress UPRONA: Charles Nditije and Felix Mboneko the head of the party
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The 17 September 12

After a long tussle between the two wings of UPRONA, the pros and against NIYOYANKANA Bonaventure claimed that each the legitimacy to lead the party, the Congress held in Gitega this Sunday, September 16, 2012 finally decided leaving doubts about the cohesion of party members RWAGASORE.

The wing majority who had rebelled against the party chairman Bonaventure NIYOYANKANA could not attend the conference, leaving the field open to pros NIYOYANKANA who elected Charles NDITIJE as President of the party and the post MBONEKO Felix Vice-President of the party.

Jean-Baptiste MANWANGARI, one of the dinosaurs of the party, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Julien NIMUBONA are two figures which are among the leading figures of the system constituting the UPRONA wing boycotted the conference .

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Burundi had nevertheless decided to wing this by canceling all activities prior to this conference which was organized by the wing ruling which Terence SINUNGURUZA, the first Vice-President is a member.

In the opinion, which has happened in the UPRONA is considered a cockfight between law and force, contrary to the adage that says in Kirundi “AMATEGEKO AREMEREYE NK’AMABUYE.” This means that the law is as heavy as rocks stones.

Today, she found herself face to slight strength Terence Sinunguruza! Like a banana republic, the law of the jungle is salvation in Burundi, but not forever!

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